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Services for Constituents

As the Member of Parliament for Kings–Hants, I'm proud to be your advocate with the federal government. If you have a problem with a federal agency, please do not hesitate to contact me. We will work together with the agency involved to review and resolve the matter for you in a timely fashion. I am committed to ensuring that government agencies follow their proper rules and treat you with the dignity, respect, and courtesy you deserve.

Here to help

If you would like assistance with any of the following matters, please visit or phone our office or email and we will gladly assist you.

  • Canada pension plan
  • Canada Employment
  • Old Age Security
  • CPP Disability
  • Revenue Canada (CRA)
  • Veteran Affairs
  • Immigration
  • Defence
  • Other

For assistance with the following, please contact your Provincial M.L.A’s office:

  • Birth Certificates
  • Prescription Drug Benefits
  • Social Assistance
  • Hunting and Fishing Licenses
  • Land Registry
  • Snow Removal
  • Worker’s Compensation Board
  • Highways

John Lohr, M.L.A. for Kings North (902) 365-3420
Keith Irving, M.L.A. for Kings South (902) 542-0050
Chuck Porter, M.L.A. for Hants West (902) 798-5779
Margaret Miller, M.L.A. for Hants East (902) 883-3465

For assistance with the following, please contact your Municipal office:

  • Parks and recreation
  • Garbage Disposal
  • Property Taxes
  • Snow Removal
  • Social Services
  • Roads other than major highways

Municipality of the County of Kings (902) 690-6133
Town of Kentville (902) 679-2500
Town of Wolfville (902) 542-5767
Village of New Minas (902) 681-6972
Municipality of West Hants (902) 798-8391
Town of Hantsport (902) 684-3211
Town of Windsor (902) 798-2275
Municipality of East Hants (902) 883-2299

Government of Canada services are available in our two Official Languages, English and French. If you prefer to communicate with the Constituency Office in French, every effort will be made to accommodate your needs. We welcome written correspondence, including e-mail, in French any time.

Les services du gouvernement du Canada sont offerts dans les deux langues officielles, le français et l’anglais. Si vous préférez communiquer avec le bureau de circonscription en français, nous ferons tout notre possible pour vous servir dans cette langue. Nous vous invitons donc ne pas hésiter nous envoyer toute correspondance, y compris les courriels, dans la langue de Molière.